Carlos Núñez de Castro Torres
Illustration, Spain
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Brief Summary
Working since 2007 as Freelance, with RPG Games publishers, collectable games (CCG), strategy games and Online games. Especializing in Science-Fiction and Fantasy themes, making the art for books -book covers, interior illustrations, cards, packaging- for the several companies mentioned below:
Alderac Entertainment Group
Green Ronin
Mongoose Publishing
The Far Wilds
Dark Realm Miniatures
Conquest Of Arthenia
23 Escalones
No Solo Rol

Professional Experience
I have high skills in drawing, anatomy, painting and color (since I’ve been working as illlustrator and concept-artist for a great number of projects during past years). I’m creative and perfeccionist, but also a good team-worker. I’m passionate about creating a new world from scratch, and above all, I believe in what I do, taking care of every projects much as I can.. I believe in what I do.

I rely on my skills to carry out my job as concept artist in videogames production, I know the production line perfectly, as well as the 3D tools needed (their advantages and fullfillings). I have knowledge of mapping, texturizing, rigging, animation...

Software:  Photoshop, 3DSMax, Painter, Alchemy, Brazil r/s



· Preproduction as concept artist for a videogame (2011)

Alderac Entertainment Group
· Legend Of The Five Rings: Emperor Edition CCG (2011)
· Legend Of The Five Rings: Embers Of War CCG (2012)
· Legend Of The Five Rings: The Harbinger CCG (2009)
· Legend Of The Five Rings: Echo CCG (2010-not published)
· Legend Of The Five Rings: Forgotten Legacy CCG (2010-not published)
· Legend Of The Five Rings: ‘Aug’ CCG (2011)

Green Ronin
· Dragon Age set II (2011)

Mongoose Publishing
· Dark Eon Assassin (2011)
· Traveller: Spinward Encounters (2011)
· Traveller: Starports (20011)
· Noble Armada (2011)
· Runequest 2: Core Rulebook (2010)
· Traveller: Crowded Hours. (2010)
· Traveller: Sector Fleet. (2010)
· Traveller: Deneb (2009)
· Traveller: Prison Planet (2009)
· Babylon 5: Ships of Babylon 5 (2009)
· Traveller: Alsan Ships (2009)
· Traveller: Reft Sector (2009)
· Traveller: Spinguard Marches (2008)
· Traveller: High Guard (2008)
· Wraith Recon (2008)
· Babylon 5 (2008)
· Traveller: Belstrike (2008)
· Traveller: Core Rulebook (2008)

Dark Realm Miniatures
· Project not published as ilustrator and concept artist (2009-today)
· Packaging, advertising (2009-today)

23 Escalones
· El Cazador de Estriges (2011)
· Pesadillas (2011)
· Los Piratas Circulares (2011)
· El Osito Cochambre (2011)
· Un Extraño Descubrimiento (2011)
· Amy (2011)
· No podrás salir (2011)
· Entre Rejas (2011)
· Revividos (2011)
· Apuntes Macabros (2011)
· Monk Poster (2011)
· El Necrófago Galante y Otros Poemas de Amor (2010)
· Hamelín (2010)

No Solo Rol
· Lealtades Encontradas. (2010)

· Adraga (2011)

8 Veces (2008-2010)
· Art for “Juego Amargo” CD music. 2010
· Art development.
· Advertising and promotion.

The Far Wilds
· Expansion. 2009

Tale Of War Miniatures
· Ron&Bones (2009)

Conquest Of Arthenia
· Conquest Of Arthenia CCG (2007)


Actimel, Danone. (2010)
· Color Assistant in project for web animation

“El Círculo Goligher” (2008)
· VFX for a shortfilm by Jaime Herrero. Premio “Valencia Crea 2008”; 1st Place “Shots 2009”; Finalist en “Digital short film Fest”, “Catacumba 2009” y “Curt 09”. Participation in “Shortmetraje 2009” and “ Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantastic de Catalunya Sitges 2009”

Letmesee (2006)
· Spot for TV. 3D Animation

Animartec (2005-2006)
· Advertising projects. 3D Animation

Arquitectura Virtual, SL (2004)
· Architecture projects. 3D modeling, animation and postproduction assistant.
Awards and Recognition
Exotique 4
Expose 9 (Excellence concept art)

Collective exhibition: “BlockbusterZ” Artoyz and, Paris, France. 2011

Collective exhibition: “70º Aniversario de Batman” Salón del Cómic de Almería. 2010

Collective exhibition: “SIDA”. 2008

Collective exhibition: “El libro del renglón: Acaba una línea y empieza otra”, by Ana Tomás Miralles. 2009


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