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Tel: 708 329-5149
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I was trained old school with markers, pencils and paper. Now it is digital art and files sent over the wire. but good design is still good design no matter the tool to create it. That is how I feel about my work and thrive to produce the best creative solution for the job. From logo to package to business cards, brochures and trade show graphics. My client base consists of small start-ups to mid size but well established companies. A lot of times this works out best as I have the background and experience of a larger agency but am better able to work with moderate budgets. I like what I do.
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Professional Experience
Bryan Knox
Sr. Creative Director ~ Designer

In a nutshell; I believe that any marketing material sets a tone for how a client feels about you, your company, product and or service. Everything a company puts out in front of the public is a sales tool, creating opinion and interest. Great looking sales and marketing materials, from your logo to your sales collateral, are perceived as such and build a positive opinion about you and your company. If your potential clients already have a positive opinion of your company your sales job is easier.

You can have the best business in the world but you need the opportunity to connect and great looking branding for your company, service or product is the first step to connecting in a positive way to your potential clients. The most important aspect of any product or service is to look good so potential clients pick up and try. This is important to me as when my clients succeed I succeed. Everybody is happy.

After working 20 plus years at agencies and studios both large and small I realized that my skill set allows me to offer a wide range of services from design to creating and delivering press ready files to a printer. Once digital medium became the standard for creation I quickly realized I had the capability of a small advertising agency on my desk. This has allowed me to work with many great people and design many great brands.

Although over the years I have accumulated knowledge of several marketing mediums such as the internet (search engine optimization, user experience, information architecture, design and clean coding practices) I always have loved print most of all. Although I will consult in web based marketing I feel I am working in my strongest ability when designing packaging, labels and page design.

I also like to play with my kids, cook and listen to music.


Sometime around August of 1964 I was conceived. Born May 6, 1965 the second son of Linda Knox, now Linda Jackson, another story for another time. I grew up, went to Preschool, Elementary School, High School and College. Many fun times were had.

Graduated from Central Academy of Commercial art (a private Commercial Art and Advertising College) in Cincinnati, Ohio. With a degree in advertising and commercial art. I moved to Chicago to work with Wasselle Graphics as a graphic artist creating key-line, mechanicals and artwork for ads and comprehensive packaging concepts.

Accepted a position with Leo Burnett, Chicago. Working on accounts as a graphic production artist for clients such as Phillip Morris, Keebler and Dewars. I was able to flex the design muscle with some of the best layout artist in the market.

The best thing to ever come into Bryan's life was delivered on the morning of March 23rd, Sarah Nicole Knox. The following year I moved the family to Central Kentucky to raise my daughter around family. Took a position as Sr. Director of Production and New Media at Cornett Advertising, an influential Advertising agency in Lexington, Ky.

I worked directly with clients to develop and produce logos, web sites ad advertising materials for the growing client base of the agency. Interjecting design ideas into an infant internet market and progressively building a strong skill set. The Internet was slowly beginning to gain popularity as a marketing tool the web development industry began to shift to the ad agencies. This was a great opportunity to gain client interest by learning web development and marketing. My main interest was information architecture and search engine optimization. Something that was not often done in the early years of the web. Although the rules have changed over the years it is still a viable part of web development. Bringing the Internet to clients as a marketing tool instead of another brochure, created clients who understood return on investment. Teaching them the power of using the Internet as the tool it was designed to be.

Moved back to Chicago to take a position with Kaleidoscope Imaging to start a web development department to facilitate clients needs for web design/marketing and development. Now with guns loaded, I offer the ability to design, develop, optimize and submit to search engines effectively along with the web marketing experience to back it up.

I decided to work for myself and on my own terms, acting as representative, consultant, and designer. My one on one approach works well and is cost effective for my clients. Offering design services that cover anything printed as well as designing and consulting web development from overall aesthetics and functionality to search engine optimization.

Still doing what I do but shifted gears towards more print design with a focus on brand and package design.

Ditto. With the exception of the birth of Emma Knox in September. The highlight of the year and my biggest fan.


Still doing what I do and in December Henry Knox was born. Big fun in the future.

Still here.


Looking forward to a new decade.

Been focusing mainly on package and page design and enjoying it. Logo design and sales collateral design currently listed on

Awards and Recognition
Do not design for awards but for clients to sell products and services.

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