Alberto Gonzalez Vivo
Painting, San Isidro Buenos Aires Argentina
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Brief Summary
Alberto González Vivo, a vital and well balanced artist

Alberto González Vivo works on the vital energy, the impression that stimuli produce in his senses is the source of inspiration for his work which begins in the deep perception and continues in a hard work of preparation of obsessive and detailed sketches.

His work ranges from geometric abstraction and Op Art and is influenced by his research on the production of artists Luis Tomasello, Julio Le Parc, Victor Vasarely, Martha Boto Eduardo Moisset of Espanés, generative geometry artist and creator of the Centre for Plastic Mathematical Research of Argentina.

The use of light combined with geometric shapes and smart colors add balance to his work creating at the same time effects of great magnetism. Circles and squares of different dimensions freely inhabit weightless spaces displayed to the delight of the observers. This artist's universe of painting explores in depth the power of color and forms. His plastic language expresses much more of what the artist feels and thinks and allows the viewer to go through the experience of intellectual and sensory pleasure.

Grace Bayala

Curator of art

Professional Experience
Actividades recientes:
Sanzi & Buchler -Buenos Aires - Muestra

Hotel Sol Victoria - Entre Rios - Muestra
Mesa Redonda - Radio Cultira - Prog. Pinceladas
Espacio de Arte Ponce Boscarino - Muesta
Foro de Arte - Dell Arts - Muestra

Foro de Arte - Geometria Ludica - Muestra
Foro de Arte - Gallery Nights - Muestra
Ohpen Multiespacio - Gallery Nights - Muestra
Co-creador del grupo 3 Play
Participante proyecto Mosaico Ophen Multiespacio
Museo Bellas Artes de Lujan Seleccion en Concurso
Dell Art 2010 Puerto Madero Buenos Aires
Gallery Night - Ophen Multiespacio - Palermo H.
Gallery Night - Simple Deco - Palermo H.
Muestras 32 Artistas - Espacio de la Rivera - SI

Muestra Wine Store and Art
Muestra Permanente - Simple Deco - Palermo H.
Participa de Galeria Saatchi On-Line USA
Muestra indivudual Circular en Espacio Colegiales
Participacion libro Re-Imagen the Contemporary Art - Editorial Art Now - USA
Expotrastiendas 2011 - Grace Bayala Art Dealer
Dell Art 2011
Artistas de San Isidro - Muestra

Cristina Chacon Art Gallery, Coconut Grove, Fl, USA
Latin America Art Fair, Miami, USA
Muestra "Formas / Shapes" Cristina Chacon Gallery, Fl, USA
Gallery Night - Christina Chacon Gallery. Fl, USA
Art & Music - Paseo las Piedras - Gallery Night - Pilar Bs As
CNN en Español - Noti Mujer - Entrevista
Dell Art 2012 - Puerto Madero - Argentina

Cristina Chacon Art Gallery
3162 Commodore Plaza,
Suite 1 F2
Coconut Grove, Fl 33133

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